Hello There

Reece May • July 3, 2020 • 1 min read

Hello there.

I have finally decided that there is a practical need to have a website and a place to embed my meanderings of code and words.

I am Reece, that's probably as much as you need to know.

Also it helps to convey the impression that I am a real person.


I opted currently for the use of Jigsaw as can be seen from the footer. It is the most practical as I work mainly with PHP. The best thing is I used to just 'code' everything in HTML, but now I write in Markdown.

I am then making use of the static hosting from Netlify. This is quite nice so far.

Previous sources of my writings

My original blog that I used for EE design things is bariumelectronics.blogspot.com. I stopped writing on there a while back and it was my first attempt at using the internet and the great world of blogging.

I Exist in 3D ™

My twitter handle is @iexistin3d, if I happen to write something interesting I may tweet there.

I will still write on dev.to/ReeceM.

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