An exceptionally brief definition of what a Reece is.

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This is the about me page, I haven't quite figured out what to put here, but I'm Reece, Hi 👋

I have been programming since highschool, started with embedded programming and electronics, wrote some ASM, fell into the depths of programming after that.

Since 2014, I have been working with a fleet management company by providing technical support on infrastructure and development. MS servers and such.


For the most part I work with Laravel/PHP applications for backend stuff and Vue for the frontend.
Alternatively, I am usually fiddling within production DBs with some queries and such 😜

Some other languages I have been working recently is React ⚛️, which has been pretty cool to build a few websites with that, currently one is using SliceMachine, Garden Thyme Seedlings. The other is with Next.js, but can't put it here. But the stack is running, Next.js and Vercel for the hosting. Wicked fast.

I help maintain MailEclipse. But have a few packages of my own on GitHub that I publish for JS / PHP things.

Using AlpineJS for simple things as it is actually pretty awesome, although icecast-status is a bit OTT.

Other Random Things

Will often be found taking pictures and yet composing randomly un-lyrical poems and rhymes.